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SOLANA Yoga Mat (1" & 1/2" Thick)

SOLANA Yoga Mat (1" & 1/2" Thick)

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This SOLANA Yoga Mat provides cushioning and support during yoga practice, ensuring comfort for various poses and exercises while also offering stability and traction to prevent slipping. Additionally, it creates a hygienic barrier between the practitioner and the floor, enhancing cleanliness and promoting a focused and enjoyable workout experience.
  • Extra Thick for Comfort and Balance: SOLANA firm ½-inch extra thick fitness mat w/ mat strap alleviates stress on pressure points such as joints, hips, hands, and knees. 72" x 24" x ½"
  • Non-Slip Surface: SOLANA's non-slip material keeps you steady and balanced while staying securely on the floor, preventing injury and allowing you to focus on your practice or workout.
  • Durability: SOLANA's thick, durable material is ideal for everyday use, regardless of the intensity of your exercise. It is ideal for your home or studio practice.
  • BPA-Free: Our products are free of Phthalates, heavy metals, and latex. Your mat may initially release a harmless odor. If so, unroll it and air it for a day or two before using it.
  • Easy to Clean: SOLANA is easy to keep clean and fresh for your next workout. Use a mix of gentle soap and water to wipe it clean, then hang it to dry. Do not submerge.

From the manufacturer

Easy to Clean

Wipe clean with a mix of water and a light amount of gentle soap, then hang it to dry. (Do not submerge.)

Carrying Strap

Easily transport your mat from your home practice to your studio salutations with its convenient nylon carrying strap.

Ribbed Surface Texture

It helps prevent slipping and keeps you well-grounded during your flow.

Extra Thick Foam

Dense NBR foam alleviates stress on pressure points such as joints, hips, hands, and knees.

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4.6 out of 5 stars
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4.4 out of 5 stars
Price $39.99$39.99 $39.99$39.99 $49.99$49.99 $24.99$24.99
Size 72” x 24” x 1” 72” x 24” x 1/2” 72” x 24” x 6mm 72” x 24” x 5mm 72” x 24” x 5mm
Carrying Strap Included x x
Surface Texture Ribbed Surface Ribbed Surface Dual-layered, Textured Surface & Grippy Bottom Smooth, Moisture Absorbing Surface & Grippy Bottom Grippy Grid Surface
Weight 4 lbs 3 lbs 2 lbs 7 lbs 3 lbs
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