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Push Up Board

Push Up Board

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Operators, here's a 16-in-1 push-up board that will help you fit in the privacy of your home!
  • High quality: The push-up plate is made of thick, high-load-bearing bearing material. Anti-slip handles help distribute force evenly, and anti-slip plugs help stabilize your body during exercise.

  • Multi-function: This multifunctional 16-in-1 system push-up board is color-coded for the chest, abdomen, arms, and Latissimus dorsi. The design is suitable for different shoulder widths.

  • Detachable & Lightweight: This detachable push-up board is lightweight, compact, and portable. Whether at home, in the gym, or the office, you can enjoy the exercise experience with it!

  • Suitable for everyone: Its unique design meets the exercise needs of different age groups. Whether you are a beginner or a professional, this push-up bar can provide a simple exercise solution.

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