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Punching Bag with Stand (Adult 70”)

Punching Bag with Stand (Adult 70”)

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Operators, work out your frustration with this Stand-Up Punching Bag!

  • Professional Heavy Punching Bag Set: For a one-time purchase, you will get a complete set of boxing equipment, a freestanding punching bag, a pair of boxing gloves, and an electric air pump. There is no need to purchase an additional electric pump. The bag is easy to inflate and gives your hand the best protection. Make sure you can box with confidence!
  • Durable Material-Thickened PVC Structure: Compared to the 0.4MM thickness on the market, our products are thickened to 0.5MM thickness PVC material, making our boxing bags more reliable and durable. It generates tear-resistant, fast rebound, good hardness balance, and a protective surface for the hands.
  • Stable Big Base Boxing Equipment: The thick 0.5MM PVC base easily supports 80 kg and can hold 180lb of water or 200lb of sand. So, before using the punching bag, make sure to fill the base with water or sand and then inflate it using an air pump. You can also fill it with either material or a combination of them to ensure stability. Sand is the better option to make it more stable.
  • 360° Swivel and Sturdy Boxing Bag: Unique 360° Swivel keeps the bag rebound freely after being hit. Let you release unlimited pressure and train in Taekwondo, boxing, karate, and Muay Thai Fitness. Bring your family, friends, and colleagues, and start your boxing training by immediately filling up with gas!
  • Just What You Need: Spend a lump sum of money; you will get a complete set of boxing equipment and excellent service. Our freestanding punching bags are durable; if there is any quality problem, please contact us in time, and we will deal with it for you immediately.
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