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Music Boxing Machine

Music Boxing Machine

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This music boxing machine is designed for both beginners and seasoned professionals, the boxing equipment is intuitive and easy to use. Whether you're looking to improve your technique or get a great workout, this machine has you covered.


Three installment methods:

  • Bracket perforation installation.
  • Punch a fixed bracket on the music boxing machine and install it on the wall (More Stable).
  • Stick a sticker with double-sided adhesive tape on the boxing equipment and the wall (Recommended Usage)

Instruction For Use

  • Short-press the switch button to turn on the device. The light will be on, and the music will play.
  • Long press the switch button for 2-3 seconds, and the device is turned off.
  • If there is no operation about 3 minutes after booting successfully, the device will automatically shut down.

Bluetooth Function

  • Open the mobile phone's Bluetooth settings and search for the Bluetooth name "GDBX." Then, you can easily connect and play the music you need.
  • Smart Boxing Equipment
  • Release Stress While Exercising

A new type of exercise without leaving home! What are you still hesitating about? Hurry up and join it.

  • 🎶 LED Music Lighting + Bluetooth: Smart music boxing machine comes with upgraded speakers and surround sound with cool striking lighting effects. It supports Bluetooth pairing, so you can enjoy your favorite songs while doing a boxing workout. Exercise your senses and coordination; hit it immediately when the light is on. It gives you the best exercise experience with audio and visual effects.
  • 🥊 Intelligent Control Panel: This boxing machine's intelligent touch-screen control panel has nine dynamic modes, which can be adjusted to different difficulty levels of 1-9. It is perfect for all stages and levels of people. Smart counting records your every growth and progress. Children, office workers, and fat loss fitness people can use it.
  • 💪High-Quality Material: The impact surface is made of high-performance foam material with rebound and shock-absorbing effect, which protects your hands from injury when you punch. Other parts of the boxing machine are sturdy and durable, with a fashionable surface that is easy to clean. It also includes a pair of high-quality boxing gloves to protect your hands.
  • 😀 Easy Installation: This model is wall-mounted design, space-saving, easy to install and save time. With just three steps and no need to punch holes in the wall, you can have a home-style boxing machine in 10 minutes. No longer need you to go to the gym, you can exercise at home at any time, save your time, space.
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