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PRIMASOLE Exercise Ball

PRIMASOLE Exercise Ball

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The benefits of the Primasole exercise ball (also known as a stability ball or Swiss ball) offers a versatile tool for enhancing fitness, improving posture, and increasing core strength. Here are some of the key benefits:
  • TRUSTED BRAND ( Limited Brand): Primasole is a fitness brand established in April 2019. Our lineup includes a yoga mat, exercise & balance ball, balance disc, and foam roller. We are here to help you incorporate fitness into your daily life.
  • CHOICE OF 4 SIZES & 5 COLORS: Choose from 45, 55, 65, or 75‑cm sizes to suit your height and purpose. A wide range of sizes helps you find the ideal ball for yoga, ab work, Pilates, core training, pregnancy exercise, or office chair. Five different colors to coordinate with any mood, style, or preference. Choose from indigo blue, silver-gray, nail pink, pale gray, and blue.
  • SECURE GRIP & SAFETY: Burst-proof construction ensures air will escape slowly. European toy safety standards tested and made from high-stretch material.
  • STRENGTH CORE & FLEXIBILITY: Balance balls are perfect for all types of training at the gym or at home. You can comfortably work for almost every major muscle group. Stability work is great for your core and can also help improve overall flexibility, balance, and coordination. It even solidifies your posture.
  • ACCESSORIES: Inflator, cap, cap opener, paper tape measure

The Primasole Exercise Ball has excellent durability because it is made of a highly stretchable material that resists bursting. Also, it passes the European toy safety standard test. 

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