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Adjustable Pilates Bar Kit

Adjustable Pilates Bar Kit

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Operators, are you having trouble finding time to go to the gym? Do you want to avoid paying expensive gym fees?

The Feisi Sport Pilates Bar Kit can meet all your needs. Our Pilates bars are made of sturdy steel and wrapped with sweat-absorbing soft foam pads. The Pilates bar stick body is designed with non-slip concave points to provide a better grip. The Pilates fitness bar kit can be detached into three sections for easy, space-saving storage and convenient use on the go! Whether you are in the office or on vacation, the Pilates bar can be brought anywhere!

  • Whole-body Workout: It's a simple yet versatile fitness bar. You will be surprised by how versatile it is with different exercises such as squats, twists, leg stretchbacks, etc. Unlike other Pilates bars, the resistance band length is fixed; we adjusted it to allow you to exercise correctly with most of your body muscle groups.
  • Length-Adjustable Resistance Bands: It comes with four length-adjustable resistance bands (30 lbs. & 50 lbs.). You can adjust the length of the resistance band to your needs, no matter whether you are tall or short. Our Pilates bar can be adjusted from 30 lbs./50 lbs. per side by using bands separately, or you can add two types of bands together on each side for 80 lbs. of resistance weight as needed.
  • Superior Stability: We upgraded the connecting method of this Pilates stick with a closing thread instead of the commonly used locking buttons on the market. You will no longer worry about pinching figures without a Pilates bar. Moreover, no noise occurs because the connection is tighter than regular locking buttons. You can fully enjoy fitness time safely and noiselessly.
  • Space Saving: Our Pilate exercise bar has been upgraded from 2 to 3 sections to further save storage space. It requires almost no space, and you can take it anywhere you want, from indoor to outdoor. Take it with you during travel or get a quick workout during a break from work. You will get a sexy body in just half an hour a day with this fitness bar.
  • Bonus: Our package includes one Pilate stick bar, four adjustable rubber resistance bands, and a portable bag. Proper exercise with our Pilates bar will increase the efficiency of your daily workouts.
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