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EVERLAST Heavy Bag Kit (70 Lbs.)

EVERLAST Heavy Bag Kit (70 Lbs.)

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The Everlast boxing and training set is your key to fitness and boxing skills. It's designed to help operators work out and develop better-swinging skills, making it functional and durable. 

Try shadowboxing using the included hand wraps for a new kind of workout. It also comes with boxing gloves and hand wraps. In addition, a bracket mount and chain assembly are provided to securely hold the boxing bag to the ceiling, making it an ideal choice for you and a useful addition to your workout accessories. The chain is also adjustable, so you can choose your height or change it when needed.


  • 70-lb boxing bag.
  • Designed to improve swinging skills and overall fitness.
  • Includes lightweight punching bag.
  • Securely holds the bag to the ceiling.
  • Never technology with a matrix of synthetic leather and webbed vinyl for strength and durability.
  • Good for shadowboxing.
  • Screws included with bracket mount.
  • Adjustable chain assembly for different heights.

To start training and conditioning in style, you need this sports gear. It will allow you to kick into action quickly while working out your muscles and staying fit.

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